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How to use, Inserts / Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017

Hello Dear,

I hope this post finds you well. I have something cool to show you today. It’s new, it’s in my favourite colour, and it’s something that we all have been waiting for.

Yep, it’s the personal size planner inserts

Ok, so I know it’s in German right now, but that doesn’t stop real 6 ringed-binder uses, now does it? No, it doesn’t!

To help you out a little, we are going to do a German 1.O.1.

Introduction / Einführung

Time is one of our most valuable assets. Therefore it should be used wisely and in the best possible way.

1. Focus on the essentials / Das Wesentliche erkennen

What am I here for on earth? What will I want to have achieved by the end of my life? The goal is more important than the journey! Take the time to periodically reflect on your life goals and note them down in the Goals section. These will determine your yearly, quarterly and monthly goals, which are further defined and realised in your weekly priorities.

2. Observe the weekly cycle / Im Wochenrhythmus leben

One of the most important life rhythms for us humans is the weekly cycle. He who recognises the significance of the weekly cycle will increase his effectiveness and quality of life. After 6 days of strenuous work, it is imperative that we reserve a day of rest. It is beneficial to conclude the past week, to regenerate and reorientate oneself, before you begin the new week.

3. Strengthen your mind / Den inneren Menschen stärken

All progress in this world has been born in the mind. All external action is merely a reflection of that which has already been processed internally. Therefore it is important to provide inspiration for your mind. The quotes and proverbs hope to serve this function.

4. Keep an overview / Das Leben im Blick behalten

We need to take time to plan things properly. Just a quarter-hour of planning can save us days of unnecessary work. To this effect, we should store our essential thoughts and information where we can quickly find it again. This calendar provides excellent possibilities in maintaining an overview of various times and occasions.


The week / Die Woche

Plan your week entirely before the bustle sets in. That my Dear is the biggest secret to planning. Keep an overview of your tasks and appointments and priorities them.

Forward Planning / Ausblick


Here you will find what week of the month you are in.  Example: say we are in the week of Monday the 12th to Sunday 18th February 2018, this would be the 3rd week of February.

2 week forward planning.

Here you would write down the important appointments or topics of those following weeks.

Prioritise your to-dos.

A: Top priority
:  to be done this week!
B: Important:  no immediate rush work on it!
C: Other important To-Do: do whenever possible!

Extra space

Well, here you can write down notes, sketch or write down ideas that pop into your head.


They’re in German.
A good learning project would be to take the Sunday before and try and translate the upcoming weekly quote. Use Leo to help you


Ok, so you might be wondering why there are two Sundays in the weekly spread. A week begins and ends on a Sunday with planning out the following week. Start the week off on the right foot by knowing what’s going on. Where you and your family is going to be and what you have to get done that week. It only takes about 15-20 minutes to do.


While you’re planning out your week, use that time to reflect on your past week. What did you enjoy or what positive things happened? What didn’t go so well, add your reasons why it didn’t go so well. Then there is a space where you could add any other thoughts that might just pop up, things you might want to change.

Week on 1 page

Having the whole week on 1 page will help you plan out your week much better. We start at the top of the page where the week number is marked in red, and this makes forward planning easier. (The above picture shows WO 41= Week 41)

Every day is divided up into two columns. You can use this however way you wish. From using the left-hand side to log in your morning to-dos or appointments and the right side for the afternoon and evenings appointments. Or to have one side for your to-dos and the other for meetings. You choose. Tell us in the comments below how you like to use your week on 1 page.

Right next to the date you will see a little square, this is a place where you can write down your work shifts.


Now Sunday has no lines because Sundays ought to be used as a day of rest. A family day.  But we know that this is not always possible, so there is enough space to write down your family activities 😉

So now I do hope this has helped you. Next post will be all about the note section.

Happy planning Dear.



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