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Time is one of our most valuable assets.

Therefore it should be used wisely and in the best possible way.


1. Focus on the essentials

The goal is more important than the journey!

What am I here for on earth? What will I want to have achieved by the end of my life?

Take the time to periodically reflect on your life goals and note them down in the Goals section. These will determine your yearly, quarterly and monthly goals, which are further defined and realised in your weekly priorities.

A:  Top priority,
 to be done this week!
B:  Important, but no immediate rush work on it!
C:  Other important To-Do,  do whenever possible!

2. Observe the weekly cycle

One of the most important life rhythms for us humans is the weekly cycle.

He who recognises the significance of the weekly cycle will increase his effectiveness and quality of life.

After 6 days of strenuous work, it is imperative that we reserve a day of rest. It is beneficial to conclude the past week, to regenerate and reorientate oneself, before you begin the new week.

3. Strengthen your mind

All progress in this world has been born in the mind.

All external action is merely a reflection of that which has already been processed internally. Therefore it is important to provide inspiration for your mind. The quotes and proverbs hope to serve this function.

4. Keep an overview

We need to take time to plan things properly.

Just a quarter-hour of planning can save us days of unnecessary work. To this effect, we should store our essential thoughts and information where we can quickly find it again.

This calendar provides excellent possibilities in maintaining an overview of various times and occasions.

Nikolaus Obersteiner



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