Extended Midyear 2018/2019

How to use

  This compact extended/midyear is perfect for: people who need a new planner in April Students people who love to swap out their planners mid-year when starting a new job/ new planner need a planner to last longer than just a year people who have used the extended 2017 pregnancy/ baby planner   Starting a […]

19th February 2018

Markus Story


The weekview Story   My name is Markus; I’m responsible for marketing here at weekview. I’m 34 years old and grew up in a small village in Bavarian. After graduating from business school Landshut, I started an apprenticeship as IT specialist for system integration. I have always had an affinity for technical equipment, in particular, […]

29th January 2018

Yearly Reflection

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End of year review Hello, Alin here. Today we are going to take a closer look at the yearly reflection and answer some of your most asked questions to this topic. Why should we review the past year? We already know what has happened, so why look back and write it all down? Isn’t that […]

28th December 2017

Business International Planner

Business Intrnational

  Hello Dear, You can’t believe how happy I am to show you the new 2018 English Business Planner!!! I know right (dance party doing on in my head right now) let’s jump into the planner. Business international Is built up into 4 main topics Planning Tools Growth Notes   These are then divided into […]

14th December 2017

December Instagram Challenge

Instagram Challenges

Hello Dear, Would you like to take part in something fun and crazy this December!!!! Instagram Challenge with a twist I would like to see your weekview planners in action!!! Like I always say “A planner should be with you at all times”  So, I’ve come up with this idea that you can prove to me and […]

30th November 2017

Using the Goal section of your Personal inserts


  Hello Dear, Today we are going to talk about the sections of these inserts that will help you plan out your life and keep track of the important stuff in your life. Let’s start off with the goal section. Now, I know that this isn’t always an easy task for some of us, and […]

27th November 2017

Personal size inserts

How to use, Inserts

Hello Dear, I hope this post finds you well. I have something cool to show you today. It’s new, it’s in my favourite colour, and it’s something that we all have been waiting for. Yep, it’s the personal size planner inserts Ok, so I know it’s in German right now, but that doesn’t stop real […]

22nd November 2017

Hello Dears


  Welcome to weekview. More posts coming soon. Have a look around our shop, and get to know our products. Happy Planning Yours,  

13th November 2017