Extended Midyear 2018/2019

How to use / Monday, February 19th, 2018


This compact extended/midyear is perfect for:

  • people who need a new planner in April
  • Students
  • people who love to swap out their planners mid-year
  • when starting a new job/ new planner
  • need a planner to last longer than just a year
  • people who have used the extended 2017
  • pregnancy/ baby planner


Starting a new job

with a new planner, will give you a clean break, new start, new goals. You don’t want to be carrying old appointments over into the new job. You will need this space for your new projects and appointments, and don’t want to waste time with whiteout cancelling out old information. Plus planning the quarterly tasks will be different for the new job than it was for the old one.

Planner addicts 😉

people who have started the year with a planner that they didn’t really like. Or they are people who just love a fresh new planner or they just like to swap planners throughout the year. Starting a new planner midyear can sometimes feel like a new start. It’s like starting the year over again.


Students starting a new semester

new semester, new planner. Planning out your classes and homework with this planner and setting quarterly goals for 3 semesters is a lot easier in this planner than it is in just a yearly planner. Recording your grades in one planner for the whole school year is just perfect, keeping track and upping your game made easier.

The real reason this planner was created

was for those who like to plan out their life, goals and project for more than just a year.

I bet you have had this feeling also. You come to the end of the year and want to write the following year’s appointments down and couldn’t because the planner ended on December 31st. I do know how frustrating it is having to carry 2 planners around with you from October through to December. This planner helps you overcome that problem.


Pregnancy Planner

Keep all your doctor’s appointments, due date, and your weekly updates in this planner. Little notes on how you were feeling  (morning sickness??) and track your weight and stomach measurements. In the lists and notes section, you could have a list of what needs to go into your hospital bag. What you would like to buy for the babies room or what clothes you will need for their first weeks. Have a list of things you would like as gifts (baby shower).

Using the extended as a baby record keeping planner

Imagine having a record of all appointments and growth, milestones in a planner so you can have a look back on and pass on to your child. Special moments like babies swimming lessons and baby massages. All it’s doctors appointments and play dates. Taking memory keeping to the next level.

Children have loads of appointment nowadays.

  • Swimming
  • massage
  • physiotherapy
  • doctors appointments
  • playdates
  • preschool / Kindergarten

In the quarterly trackers, you could track their

  • growth
  • sickness: cold, teething, medicine
  • sleep
  • feeding time and duration
  • movement – turning, sitting, crawling, walking


  • clothes
  • what needs to be in the diaper bag
  • travel list
  • medicine
  • others

Over to you

Tell me how you would use this planner in the comments below.

Happy Planning


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