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Life in a pocket

I must confess: I love having everything in one place. Preferably “your whole life in your pocket”.

For a while, I thought I had achieved this with my smartphone. But that turned out to be an illusion: the smartphone is more like a remote control for the program of life, but it can’t adequately capture the program content itself.

And then I came across the weekview timer and my old love for handwriting. Ingenious, how much you can hold in such a thing! Especially the detailed note pages appealed to me. However, from year to year, they became full faster and faster, and besides, every planner had served his purpose after a particular time, while life goes on. It was often more difficult to refer back to past notes.

But now weekview has released the “weekdori” series. And it really deserves the label life in a pocket. I would like to explain this based on my experiences.

Like a Traveller’s Notebook – only better

The weekdori is small notebooks in A5 or A6 format that can be easily added to a weekview planner – the rubber closure also holds them perfectly. One of the main advantages is already mentioned. They simply accompany you from year to year, are theoretically (at least in the case of weekdori friends and weekdori chronics) “friends for life”.

Like in a Traveller’s Notebook all kinds of notes can be made (more below), but a Traveller’s Notebook has no planner connected! The weekdori is, therefore, something for “thoroughly planned free spirits”. Writing in them is really fun, thanks to the high-quality Gmund paper, where nothing really bleeds through (I tested it in practice).

weekdori notes: Notes, Notes and more Notes

I am a philosopher and natural scientist working in research. Philosophy, in particular, lives a lot from writing down thoughts (flashes), from conceptualizing and mind mapping. Accordingly, the note part of my weekview compact extended was entirely written after one (!) month of use. The weekdori notes in A6 format have been my salvation ever since. Here I structured lectures and papers, roughly planned projects and selected conference seminars.

Sure a weekdori note is full at some point (in my case before the end of the semester), and therefore not a lifelong companion. Whereby: If you use the line at the top right or left for numbering, you have on the one hand a complete recording, and on the other hand the pages can be digitalized very clearly (via Dropbox or OneDrive). But I’m pretty sure that you can also use it as a docked diary, e.g. in standard A5 or A6 Dori systems (which I don’t do for space reasons). Especially the simple, clear structure invites you to dedicate a page to each day. In addition, you can entirely digitize the note pages by heading and number and easily find them by index.

weekdori chronics: Document Lifetime of Progress

About 3 years ago I created a life vision as well as life and life milestones. I must confess to my shame that I can only reproduce it rudimentarily. The only thing I am sure of is that the goals have changed since then. What to do? In weekview chronics I can now record my life goals and adapt them, again and again, thanks to the Frixion pen. The blue notebook (A5) fits perfectly into the pocket of my weekview business planner. With the weekview chronics, you can also do what the name promises: create chronicles. If I could have used it when our children were small (first word, first steps etc.) – well, then now for other milestones that I can take from my diary or weekview planner.

weekdori friends: Making relationship management a management priority

Over the years, and especially since I have family, one thing has become more and more clear to me: good friendships neither fall from heaven nor hold without work. And: also a level among the very close friends, thus with acquaintances and business partners, good relationship care is unbelievably meaningful and fruitful, nevertheless by no means an automatic success.

Therefore I have made it my habit to contact all personal acquaintances from conferences and other meetings shortly after the meeting (by e-mail, Facebook or Whatsapp). That’s a start, but what if a long-term relationship develops? Weekdori friends has the original feature of creating real “relationship management profiles”. Just writing it down helps me to gain clarity about the meaning of a person in my life. Furthermore, there is the page “Relationship Diagram”, with which you can do justice to the complex network-like structure of relationships. And of course, there is also the possibility to record birthdays and quite simply names alphabetically. Yes, I know, for the former there are also digital calendars or Facebook and for the recent digital address books. But weekdori friends doesn’t want to compete with any of these tools, I understand that. It’s nice that Facebook informs you about the birthdays of friends; but what if someone doesn’t have a Facebook account at all (even among younger people)? And of course, a weekdori friends can’t mime a massive contact database but wants to offer a forum for the selected people with whom you want to stay friends or strategically connected in life. Maybe the whole life long. And so the weekview weekdori really seem to make “life in the pocket” possible.





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