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Inserts / Monday, November 27th, 2017


Hello Dear,

Today we are going to talk about the sections of these inserts that will help you plan out your life and keep track of the important stuff in your life.

Let’s start off with the goal section.

Now, I know that this isn’t always an easy task for some of us, and we will be digging into goal setting in another post. So don’t worry we won’t leave you hanging.

This page was created so that your life goals are never forgotten. With our lives getting busier there is a chance that our goals will be ignored. Come December when we are thinking about setting the upcoming years goals, we realise that we didn’t even accomplish them this year.

Don’t go beating yourself up this happens to the best of us!

This section is to remind yourself of your true goals! The goal that you might not tell the world but want and need to keep at the front of your mind. This is the place to record your goals, keep them safe but also assessable. If you keep your goals in the front of your planner, then you are more likely to go after them, make them happen.

German lesson 🙂

Goals / Ziele

Personal / Persönliches

What personal goals do you have? This is where you write down your goals, not your partner’s goals but yours. What do you want to have achieved this year and in your lifetime?

Brainstorm in the notes section at the back of the planner of all the things that you would love to do, then come back here and write them down.


 Family/ Friends  / Familie / Freunde

Think about your family goals. Did you promise your daughter a nice pink bedroom? Did you want to take them all to Disney World? Do you want to spend more time with family members, date nights, play dates with kids? Take your son to 5 football games this year?

Work / Arbeit

Your work goals, do you want to climb to the top of the ladder (promotion)?

Would you like to learn a new work skill? Change your job entirely and be a full-time author?

Social/Volunteering  /  Geminschaft/Soziales

Would you like to spend more time at your Church, giving back to the community? Will you be running for office next year? Or do you just want to help out more at your child’s school? Have you always wanted to help out at the soup kitchen, cool for people in need? Well, this is the place to write those goals down.


At the top of the page

Is a place where you can write down your six-year goal plan.

Not every goal will be accomplished in one year, and you need a place to write down your long-term goals.

Will you have your diploma in 3 years time? In what year will you have to start looking for your dream job?

What year would you like to have kids, get married or have enough money saved to buy a house?

When will your kids start school or finish it? What year will they be going off to college?

What’s on your bucket list?

Bottom of the page Yearly section

That’s where your goals get a deadline, a completion date.

If you’re going to run for office, when will you have to start campaigning? What has to be done by when will it all be over in November?

Do you want your book published in April and your book tour in May? If that’s the plan, then write it down.

Plug in your dates here and then work towards them by adding them to your weekly planning pages.



I do hope you like the short German lesson 😉


If you have any questions about these goal setting pages, then please do write them in the comments below.

Until next time Dear,

Happy Planning


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